Where to Find the USA's Best, Most Indulgent Doughnuts

"At Glazed, the focus is on handmade specialty doughnuts. The city’s two locations draw legions of loyal fans who can’t seem to get enough. One bite and you’ll see why Thrillist placed these doughnuts on their top 10 best list."



“If you thought the putting bacon on everything trend was just a fad, you haven’t had this 24-hour cafe’s MACON doughnut. That’s and airy, scratch-made doughnut slathered with a sugary maple glazed and topped with greasy, crushed bacon. Watch the freshly baked magic come to life through window to the kitchen, where you’ll also watch the magic in experimental flavors like peach sour cream cake, crème brûlée, and sangria! Did we mention it’s 24 hours? OK, we know we did, but we wanted to reiterate.”


24-hour gourmet doughnut shop goes beyond the glazed experience

"We’re big on showing people that we’re making everything from scratch. You can see us rolling the dough. You can see it rising. You can see it being decorated. You feel comfortable with the end result. We felt like that was something we wanted to give to the public as opposed to closing it off and not seeing what’s going on."

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Glazed the Doughnut Cafe Opens in the Med Center: Hot Stuff 24-7

“Everything is made from scratch in the kitchen. In fact, you can watch the pastry chefs and staff create all of the doughnuts and other menu items through the glass window. Even all of the syrups for coffees are made in-house.”

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New breed of baker giving doughnut a gourmet makeover

“There was a time when doughnuts were simply glazed or jelly-filled. But now it's the doughy treat's turn for artisanal reinvention. [Edose Ohen] brings the trend to Houston on Saturday, opening a doughnut cafe that will serve maple bacon, lemon-poppy seed and bananas foster doughnuts.” 

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24/7 gourmet doughnut shop opening soon

“Glazed: The Doughnut Cafe, co-owned by University of Houston alumnus Edose Ohen, is bringing back the sweet treat with added flare and jumping on the gourmet craze that has gripped bakeries around the country.” 

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