Slide It all started with a simple idea: fresh doughnuts around the clock.
Our founder, Edose “Ose” Ohen decided to make this simple idea his passion. He enlisted his sister and a group of their friends,who turned Ose’s idea into Glazed, the Doughnut Cafe.
ABOUT GLAZED That was in 2013. Today, Glazed is Houston’s premier specialty doughnut shop, with two wildly popular locations. Some say our success stems from the uniqueness of our doughnuts. Take, for instance, #TheMacon, our maple bacon doughnut. Or our famous Glazed Breakfast Sandwich, a fresh glazed doughnut sliced in half, then filled with bacon, egg and cheese. (Yes, amazing.) Others think it’s because we make our doughnuts fresh for every single order.

But we have a different theory. We think people keep coming back because of the way they feel at Glazed. We treat each and every customer like a friend. When you walk in the door at either of our Glazed locations, you will feel valued and appreciated, because you are. And we think that is why people keep coming back.


Goals & Vision

But it’s not easy. What that means is, no matter what is going on in your day, we are going to make it better. We are always going to greet you warmly, serve you courteously, and make sure you know you are appreciated. We also pledge to make each doughnut fresh to order and create new and unique ways to serve them so that every time you place an order at Glazed, what you receive will be warm, fresh and delicious.It’s no easy task, but we’re up to it. Come see for yourself.

It’s simple. We are determined to make every single person who walks through our doors feel comforted. By the way they are welcomed. By the service they receive. And by the delicious doughnuts we prepare for them.


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